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police receive threatening calls and e-mails after this video makes news nationwide. tonight, two local officers have been suspended and more parchment could be coming. good evening, i'm doreen
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gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. tonight the president of the university of maryland reacted for the first time to that videotaped beating of a student. that video diminishes the efforts of police in prince george's county to form a better relationship with the public. jackie benson is at police headquarters now with that report. >> reporter: jim, we know there were 100 officers on the scene that night. 50 of them have been questioned. two have been suspended and at least two more suspensions are expected. the video of university of maryland student jack mckenna being beaten by prince george's county police officers may be the last straw in a battle that's been wage forward nearly a decade in college park. police officers have been suspended in an internal use of force probe. the fbi is investigating possible civil rights violations. the prince george's county police department is stinging from accusations it has not made
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good on pledgees to reform. >> we will not go back. an isolated incident. this is an isolated incident, though we are viewing to see if anything else happened. >> reporter: in the university's first statement since the video was released, the president said the safety and well being of our students, faculty and staff have always been our highest priorities. the events that followed the march 23rd basketball game remain a concern for us. fundamental questions are being asked. there is a way to work spontaneous events like march 3rd when men's basketball beat duke? is there a way to celebrate without causing a riot? maryland's student government president says an aggressive police presence and punishing students with expulsion is not the answer. >> if you're caught in or around the vicinity of a riot, that you would be automatically expelled without any due process.
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that's an issue we are going to be looking into and looking into changing because of this incident. >> reporter: both sides agree on this, the images of what happened on knox road this night must results in change. >> we are reviewing not only the incident, but how we handle these events. is there a better way to do it? >> reporter: prince george's county police officials confirmed they have received what they described as angry and hostile calls and e-mails about this from across the united states. jim, back to you. >> jackie benson, thanks, jackie. >> a cross country flight that left dulles this evening had to make an emergency landing in iowa. united flight 917 was on its way to seattle. during the flight, the captain reported fumes in the cabin. the plane was diverted to the sioux falls airport. it landed there safely. it's not clear what caused the fumes. the airport is a boeing 757, which can carry more than 200 passengers. the family in maryland is begging for help in its effort
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to find two cousins who disappeared over the weekend. one of them has a young child. the other is just a few weeks away from graduating college. craig melvin spoke with the family in silver spring tonight. >> reporter: no one has seen patrice or shante hall since saturday night when they left a family gathering in silver spring. tonight the family is putting up posters like this and pleading for help. patrice hall is a senior at bowie state university in maryland. >> very bright, vibrant, very talented, ambitious. >> reporter: the 23-year-old broadcast journalism major is supposed to graduate next month. >> she has a best friend that regardless of where she goes she always contacts him. he hasn't heard from her. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons she is so worried. the other reason patrice's cousin has a 16-month-old son. >> with a baby, she would contact her mother and she hasn't done that.
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those two things are the reason why i'm beginning to feel there's something definitely wrong. >> reporter: they were at a family gathering here saturday night. they left around 10:00. family members say they had no idea where they went next. shante's mother said one of the girls called around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning but didn't leave a voice mail. both cousins spend a lot of time on facebook, but their pages haven't been updated. their uncle has been facebooking trying to find out anything. the family has also been calling their cell phones regularly. both phones have been going straight to voice mail. when we called patrice's phone wednesday, this is what happened. >> i am currently unavailable right now. >> reporter: the family hoebs the girls are fine and have a message if they are watching. >> please call us, contact us. let us know you're okay. reach out. >> reporter: wednesday night
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grandma admitted her cautious optimism is waning. >> as time marches on it gets more and more difficult to feel that everything is okay. >> reporter: now, the girls who were last seen driving a ford explorer saturday night maryland plates 969-m691. if you've seen that ford, if you've seen the girls or if you know anything about where they might be, you're asked to call police. craig melvin, news4. a. the d.c. school system is dealing with a serious math mattics problem that could impact a new contract with the city teachers. council members and school leaders are trying to figure out whether or not there is a $34 million surplus. if the money is not there it threatens the contract signed with the washington teachers union last week. that contract calls for teacher
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raises, and the surplus was to be used for part of that compensation. if the money is there, then it raises questions about why 266 teachers were fired last fall. >> at this juncture, i don't think we know what the situation is. we have heard informally that, in fact, the $34 million may not be there. >> the answer about the surplus money will come from the chief financial officer. his report won't be ready for a couple of weeks. a will that could give d.c. voting rights is back on track in congress with a controversial gun amendment still attached to it. the amendment would repeal the city's strict gun registration laws. it had stalled the voting rights bill for more than a year. in a statement today, d.c. delegate eleanor norton holmes says she is giving up her fight to have the gun ledge lace removed. she believes it would pass whether attached to the bill or not. she would rather see the
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district get representation in the deal. a vote could come next thursday. what's called the tea party express brings its rally to d.c. tomorrow for symbolic tax day protests. former alaska governor sarah palin led a rally in boston today, the site of the original tea party in the 18th century. she criticized president obama's stimulus plan. she said it has done little to help the economy. while many at the rally targeted the president, others took exception to implications that the movement has racist undertones. >> we'll keep clinging to our constitution and our guns and religion, and you can keep the change. >> i'm not a racist, i'm not a moron, i'm not stupid. i am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a nice person who pays taxes. too many taxes. >> in addition to the tea party rally, another group is planning a counterrally on the mall with banners thanking the president for middle class tax cuts.
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still ahead, police in alexandria propose a controversial plan to make mourners pay for funeral escorts. a man caught purse snatching while using his daughter as a distraction. >> human rights workers near the white house protect ducklings from a hawk. >> 60s today. temperatures rebounding nicely today after a cool start. will they do the same tomorrow? i'll have the forecast coming up. lindsay? >> coming up in sports, it is the philadelphia slugfest for the nationals. wizards trying to end their season on a high note. a 13-year-old boy.
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tough economic times may force the city of alexandria to
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do away with a unique service. the city provides onduty police officers free of charge to escort funeral processions of ten cars or more. with budget cuts looming for 2011, that may change. officials are considering a plan to have offduty officers take over the escort service. funeral homes would be charged a fee of $655 for the first 90 minutes and $400 for each additional hour. >> a time-honored tradition that is unique to the city of alexandria, and i think it's unfortunate they're proposing this. >> we looked at whether that was the appropriate use of resources, realized we draw about 6% of our motorcycle officers' resources per year on that type of service. we are looking for alternatives to better use their time. >> city leaders will vote on the proposal on may 3rd. the police in spotsylvania county in virginia arrested a man who appeared to use his own child as a distraction while he snatched a purse.
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security video took this picture of a man stealing a purse from a cart at the wegmans in fredericksburg this week. a shopper turned her attention away from her cart for just a moment. when she turned back, her purse was gone. police say they used this image to identify and arrest that man this afternoon. still to come on news4, the parents of a little girl found safely after days in the woods. >> rescuers working nonstop to reach children trapped in debris. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? switch to fios for game-changing entertainment. now is the time to get fios tv along with internet and phone.
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they now say nearly 500 people were killed, another 10,000 injured in a terrible earthquake in china last night. the epicenter of the 6.9
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magnitude quake was in the country's mountainous region near tibet. the lack of power and excavation equipment hampered rescue operations. police and soldiers are digging with their ware hands. one day after an 11-year-old girl was found alive in some florida swamp land her parents talked about how she survived and their emotional family reunion. greg fox reports. >> he called me and he said nadia's been found and she's alive. i freaked out. i didn't even hang up the phone. i just ran right in, almost busted the door. >> he did. >> it's been just like, you know the third movie of "star wars," the end when all the ewoks are going crazy? that's how it was. >> reporter: that was just the start of the craziness that followed the discovery of their daughter nadia alive. after surviving five days in the swampy willederer in. they dreaded the nights when she was gone. >> you don't know where she is
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or what condition she is. you don't know if she is scared or crying and there is nothing you can do to help her. your heart just breaks. >> reporter: after she was found, this is what her mother recalls about the girl who went off looking for adventure. >> she was very clear minded. she knew what she was saying. she was scared she wasn't going to get back home. there was definitely that. i think she is very, very happy to be back home and see her sisters and her family >> reporter: nadia's doctor said she was dehydrated and has a minor blood bacteria that will keep her hospitalized for now, but is in otherwise great shape. >> good news. that was greg fox reporting. going to warm up, huh? >> yeah. if you're ready for the 70s to return and maybe even 80 before the end of the week, jim and doreen. that's what we could have in the weather coming up. let's take a look at today. did you see the sunset? it was gorgeous. if you missed it, here it is for
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you. the sunset today at 7:44. temperatures today not too bad. better want we had around the area yesterday. high temperatures across the area today seasonable. the high was 64 degrees. the low 45. again, that is close to average. where are we right now? temperatures are starting to fall off under mostly clear skies. it's 52 right now. 39 degrees your dew point temperature. wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour under mostly clear skies. here is a look at some of the highs today. we have been in the low to mid 60s through most of the mid-atlantic, even portions of the northeast up around new york. 65 degrees. look cool there roanoke, norfolk through raleigh, north carolina. those clouds push south. high pressure here over the area keeping skies clear. there were few clouds across western virginia. we've gotten the wind shift with that high pressure moving off the coast. we are going to start warming
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up. 52 degrees, the temperature right now. 48 in roanoke, 46 degrees in raliegh. we are going to start cooling down tonight. take a look at this fiery hot image though. it is of the sun and it is courtesy of space it shows a strong coronal mass ejection. the reason i'm showing this to you because it sends out a big magnetic shock wave and could affect the earth's magnetic field tomorrow. some of our satellites or electronics could act glitchy or weird. nothing weird about the weather tomorrow. we are dry, sunshine across the area. the far upper portion of your screen, that's the next weather front. it's bringing showers to eastern minnesota right now. here is what's going to happen over the next 48 hours. we are going to stay in the clear, at least through tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. then we are going to start to pick up cloud cover on friday, but warmth ahead of it, close to 80 degrees. some showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm by friday
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afternoon. starting any time between about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 or so. some showers for the evening. should be out of here by the upcoming weekend. for tomorrow morning, patchy fog around the area. 39 to 44. 39 is the northwestern suburbs. tomorrow high about 74 degrees. here is a look at the four-day forecast. close to 80 degrees on friday. finally more warmth coming back. no 90s in the forecast, we'll take 80 before the weekend. after the showers, after the front, we are back to 60 and 65 degrees. could even be breezy, too, the first part of the weekend. jim, doreen? >> thanks, veronica. still ahead tonight, some workers near the white house swoop in to save ducklings. >> and sports. hasn't it?
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>> it has. despite how miserable it's been for the wizards, at least they found a way toned it on a positive north. nobody knows what the team is going to look like next year, if they will use their $18 million of cap space to land that big free agent or how many players will be retained. tonight for many on that roster, it really was final audition, one chance to prove they belong with this team. wizards' final score, the only lead the team had in the second half. they win 98-97. who knew? over the pacers. verizon center. irene pollin with her son watching. could be the last time as owner. roy hibbard playing for the pacers.
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gets it in and the foul. hibberd went for a career high 25 points. andray blatche finished with 26 points. wizards were down by nine. just over 1:30 to go. cedric jackson has it. pulls up and gets the three. wizards take that one-point lead. look at this. this is my favorite part. look at them dance. what are they going to do with no games left? hoping the wizards can hang on. pacers down 98-97. danny grainger? wizards hang on to win their season finale 98-97. they end the year with a 26-56 record. flip saunders said it wasn't that bad. >> it wasn't maybe what i signed up for originally when i came. as all coaches, you love challenges. through every adversity, through every challenge, there's opportunity.
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i feel good at where we're at right now. >> flip saunders ending his first year of a four-year contract with the washington wizards. nationals cannot get beyond the phillies. their lineup is too robust. tonight it was a slugfest. even though the nationals scored seven runs, they were crushed by the phillies. national fall 14-7. we are up in philadelphia. top of the first, no score. a new guy, adam kennedy batting with the bases loaded. what's it going to be? he drives one into the gap in right center field. cristian guzman would come around to score. adam dunn would trot himself home. then josh willingham, a bases-clearing double for kennedy. nationals up 3-0. a good start for them tonight. fifth inning tied at 7-7. vain victorino, up with a man on. rocks it to right. victorino finished with five
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rbis. phillies crush the nationals 14-7. finally tonight, wizards ended their season with some success on the court. so did one 13-year-old boy from rockville. justin friedlander is his name. he was diagnosed with a brain tumor last march. he created justin's quest. his mission to raise money for brain tumor research. tonight he brought that goal to verizon center. here he is 13-year-old justin, the seventh grader who launched justin's quest. he will shoot 40,000 basketball shots. one for every person diagnosed with a primary brain tumor each year. tonight he was able to shoot with one of his heroes labar arrington. he already made 9,000 shots before tonight. he told me before the game, this is a big deal. >> it means so much that the wizards would let me shoot on this court. i really want to reach my goal. they're helping a lot.
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i'm very happy they are letting me. >> what is your plan to convince the president to shoot hoops with you? >> i'm going to keep being, i hope, keep asking him on tv like this. i gave a letter to senator casey and i think he may be handing it to president obama. maybe he'll read that and maybe we'll get a phone call from the white house. >> justin is doing very well. he's 13 years old. he has a wish list of people he wants to shoot hoops with. he said president obama is at the top of that list. lebron is on there. he's already notched off quite a few. >> looks like he doesn't miss. >> he's pretty good. he has such a great spirit. >> thank you, lyndsay. coming up next, a big and noticeable change.
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all the rest stops in virginia are now open. last year 19 rest areas were closed by then governor tim kaine in order to close a budget defecit today governor bob mcdonnell said the final seven rest stops reopened. governor mcdonnell believes the highway rest areas are important for promoting tourism and economic development. a hawk attack in downtown d.c. this morning ruffled some feathers. the attack happened in the 1800 block of f street northwest. witnesses say three mother ducks were sitting on their nests when a hawk swooped down. one mother duck was killed. her eggs were rescued from people from a nearby build hog brought the nests into their
11:31 pm
office for safe keeping. they talked to pat collins. >> he won't get these? >> not these. >> reporter: now you're like the godmother to these little ducklings. >> we feel a little bit like these. >> the other two mother ducks are being protected by chicken wire. some children from a nearby daycare center say they will also be keeping a watchful eye. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
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one more check on our weather. >> another cool morning at the bus stop. jacket will be required. we'll start out generally in the low 40s. then we'll hit a high tomorrow about 73 degrees and a little heat for friday coming up. maybe even a little rain by the end of the day. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. that's our broadcast for now. 13-year-old actress
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